Microneedling Guide

How to Get Microneedling Done Right

Many people seek out cosmetic procedures every single day all over the world. The advancements in cosmetic and plastic surgery have been quite impressive and have all been honed by the professionals and surgeons that perform them. People can get great results in a short period of time and have a dramatically improved appearance. A new medical procedure that has gotten millions of people interested and produced amazing results is called microneedling. This is for people that have skin flaws or issues that they want improved. 

Vivace Experience microneedling is one of the newest medical procedures for skin treatment and care. It is done with a microneedling device that is designed with many small medical grade needles that penetrate the skin. This can be used for stretch marks, scars, acne, and even wrinkles. People can also use this procedure to turn their thin lips into plump lips. The tiny micro needles penetrate the skin and thus causes collagen production to begin. Collagen production is when the collagen protein in the body begins to repair the damaged areas of the tissue, skin, and muscle naturally and biologically. 

Anyone that is considering this medical treatment can get it done right by following some of these recommended tips. The first is to consider getting microneedling done with a professional that is often associated with the cosmetic or plastic surgery industry. These are people with experience and skill so that you can trust you are in good hands. It is recommended to go into their office for a consultation that is often free so that you can meet them and find out what they can do for your skin issues. They can let you know what a realistic result can be and many offer photos and testimonials from previous clients that have received treatment through microneedling. This will give you evidence of what your results could be and to see whether you feel comfortable with the professional that would be performing the procedure on your skin. 

Researching the professional afterward is also a good idea. The internet is filled with review sites and forums where you can likely find reviews from other clients and whether or not they have been satisfied. If you feel comfortable with the professional then you should set up an appointment as soon as possible. Another recommended tip is to research the benefits of microneedling and how it can really help improve your appearance so that you are excited and realistic both about the procedure. For more info, check out the before and after microneedling testimonials here.